One more move, and,the forces ofnature’s wrathfulways and means leading the way tothe bloodstreamscome, to finishto defeat this soldierone more desperate cryagainst the background smoky noisesswirling voices pushing pulleysrending fleshone more year, of,the endless sighsand exhausted humanitysquatting withinthe electric fencesaround my mind.

Fallen Domain.

What was that you said to me? How I’ve displayed acceptably, the writer of my poetry, the whittler of my money, my most treasured things, set on fire and slow burning, a fuse attached to everything, a gas tank that’s sputtering; What was that you threw at me? When neither of my hands was empty, … Continue reading Fallen Domain.


You wanted it… you just had to get, you begged for it: a piece of me… and then, that was it – I did accept, the invitation sent, maybe ungraciously… I showed up one day, when the skies were grey, guess you hadn’t been, expecting me… but there I was, plenty of space to smash … Continue reading Razor-Wire.


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City-dweller, noodle lover, camera collector and fan of everything with a lens. I’m always trying out new gear. Edison is my outlet to share my new discoveries with the world.

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